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星河网络 Want a solid and high quality PA system but don’t know where to get it?

No worries, we at Nam Kee Canopy are here to supply you with the substances and the means. We assure efficient services and performance to ensure our clients’ event goes on smoothly without a hitch.

We provide installation services for the zinc tents, canopies, stage and PA system (sound system) for any occasions such as weddings, fairs, festive parties and etc. To ensure lasting comfort in your event, air conditioning units and individual fans will be provided upon request too.

Arrangement of tables and chairs is ensured so that you do not have to fret over it. Besides,  our team assist to dress up the tables and chairs with our lovely table cloths, beautiful chair covers and sashes to suit your event from bubbly and colourful to elegant and extravagant. Provision of cutleries is on us too.

Let us know about your event requirement by .